How It Works

By anonymously analyzing practice data – doctors, departments, and hospitals can extract the learnings they need to improve the care they deliver to their patients, plan better clinical workflows, and provide clinicians with the practice analytics they seek.

We apply research to identify valuable and clinical meaningful practice data elements.

We work with your digital information specialists to create a direct stream of data to our cloud-based infrastructure.

Your data is added to our database to allow for anonymized practice comparisons at both an individuals and departmental level.

Data is available anytime on the cloud in a highly-secure and protected environment for 24/7 visualization.

Changing Healthcare

Systems developed by the end-user

These solutions are developed by clinicians who understand how the tool will be used, how to best communicate the data, and how to ensure data validity. The metrics included are not standard administrative metrics – instead the focus is on the data clinicians want in order to improve their practice.

Practice data as a starting point

We believe highly reliable practice data is only the starting point for practice change and improvement. Our team is ready to work with individuals and healthcare institutions to deploy real tools with the ability to transform care.

Supported by clinical research

The Llif MD Dashboard includes the best practices demonstrated in the medical literature. The company itself includes clinician researchers who are actively conducting research in practice feedback space, guaranteeing a consistently more refined and valuable tool.

Whole system analytics

System improvement is rarely contingent on a single aspect of care. Large scale system improvements depend on the integration of change efforts across the spectrum of care. We are ready to work with groups to analyze their streams of care and highlight areas that are most likely to yield improvements.

How We Work

Solitary Deployment

Includes a brief consultative service designed uniquely to effectively deploy the Llif MD Dashboard within your setting.

Deployment and Consultation

Includes the deployment of the dashboard as well as working with the clinical team to use the data from the Llif MD Dashboard to support an individual or departmental change agenda.

Whole-System Analytics

Acknowledges that clinical MD practice change can be multiplied by simultaneous system change. In addition to the Llif MD Dashboard implementation and consultation, this includes a team-based approach and spans across several service streams.

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